Following a major WordPress vulnerability hack of my site I once again find the site to be a work in progress, I intend to use this site to store my (generally random) thoughts and process write ups for work; Nate Allen FM (there are some, honest).

I am happy to offer my help with setting up and running IT services for small to medium environments (we have 700 clients and 1500 users).  I also have gained a huge amount of experience with handling building contractors.

This site is hosted by TSO Host, thanks also goes to my good buddy Chris, for suggesting my (well chosen) domain name http://nateallen.co.uk and WordPress, I may also spend some time on development of plugins and widgets.

I planned to get my collection of jokes posted on here but I have recreated Nates Pointless site as the Dogg Web this includes all the (old) jokes, so I wont bother now.  I may make the Dogg web into a place where registered users can submit stuff too, as soon as I have sorted out how to handle user registration.

Nate Allen ICT Support      Nate Allen ICT Support     Nate Allen ICT Support

Images of a cabling rewire for the main server room at Cotham School, before the cabling was re-done it was impossible to close any of the data cabinet doors!  All cabling is clearly labelled and colour coded for ease of reference.