Nate Allen BLOG; a good week

Well what a week, I decided to go on holiday for a few days thinking; thats OK I have the laptop an iPhone and provided I can get a 3G signal I’ll be able to keep an eye on things from wherever, there is some more about the holiday on Neaves site (  Putting aside the fact that Sandford Holiday Park is actually quite a nice place (great for the kids), it is caravans, but the site is well kept (thanks in the most part to people like the guy that turned up within minutes of reporting a leaking tap to replace the washers) the vans are clean, however, unfortunaltely no 3G signal could be found.  The park did provide free WiFi in the bar, but be honest, how many people will walk into the bar with a full on laptop and start updating their BLOG site?  (Not me thats for sure.)

I did have the iPhone with me so could get on the WiFi in the bar and tweet and post on facebook, so I didnt feel too lost :?.  Which is the point to the post really, while I was away I found that aside from the most sarcastic comment I think I will find on this BLOG (hopefully) I did nothing to the site, but still found I had climbed the rankings in a google search for ‘Nate Allen’.  At the beginning of the week I ranked 33rd for that search and on Thursday I ranked 8th!  Irony being what it is; the sarcastic comment was regarding me mentioning the fact that WordPress is apparently good for SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation, if you didnt know).  The commenter said my BLOG was an actual encyclopedia of SEO information etc. (read it here) but really, if I wanted to write a BLOG about WordPress SEO I would use one word; YOAST.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I really am not into reinventing the wheel (or rewriting something that someone has already written so well).

Having previously spending years trying to get somewhere I have now managed to outrank Destroy Nate Allen in a google search for me (I’m Nate Allen, I was here first), and that really is a milestone for me (as my commenter pointed out).  I have to say I dont think I will give up on this now until I rank first on google for ‘Nate Allen’; unlikely to happen, but if it does I will be sure to write about that.

So this weeks SEO tips; spend a week in a caravan in Dorset (where there seems to be no 3G), enjoy your holiday with the family, get sunburn (seriously don’t forget the suncream), forget about the website for a week and; provied you have followed at least point 1 of YOAST’s SEO BLOG you should find that you will thoroughly enjoy yourself (I did anyway).