About me

About Nate Allen

I am Nate Allen, a Facilities Manager (one time IT Manager) from Bristol UK.  Clearly I’m totally bored and looking for ways to amuse myself that will not get me in trouble with; 1) the law or 2) my wife.

Based on this being an online activity I will have already failed on point 2 (above) 😉

This will also be my contacts page, you can contact me from here…

I am the same Nate Allen that is obsessed with getting seen on Google (can’t explain why).  This site seems to have done a better job at that than any other incarnation.

If you happen to come across this website and you bother to read any of my rambling or if you happen to be Nathan (or Nate) Allen then do contact me, I will post if this site happens to be any more successful than the last.

I also write the occasional website, the latest one is a fitness class booking system http://fitfixclasses.co.uk 

Add me on facebook there’s only 1nateallen