There’s no such thing as a free iPad

Free iPad anyone?  Come on, give me a break!  It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here but I feel totally compelled to do so about the current insane need for Facebook users to share obvious scam messages.

Believe me when I say there is no way that Apple are giving away a free iPad, or any MacBooks/iPhones (even the iPhone 6, which is not out at the time of writing) because they have opened them and they cannot now be resealed or because they are feeling generous or because they simply want you to have one.

Most of the ‘free’ online giveaways, like the age old free iPad, involve the need to fill out a survey or click on a link to ‘like’ a page.  Knowing that identity theft is a major problem it should be considered that when you fill out that survey you GIVE AWAY personal details to the scammers; they will give you nothing in return (except possibly an empty bank account if you are stupid enough to give them bank details [some people are]).

To be honest this is reminiscent of the ‘you have won £3,000,000 on (some) lottery’, which you have; a) never heard of and b) never entered.  ‘To claim your prize simply send us your completed bank transfer details and a fee for administration and we will transfer all your winnings within 7 days’ (remember those in the post?).

The sad thing about all of these type of scams is they feed on people’s GREED and/or DESPARATION, all of us would like to be multi-millionaires unfortunately it is unlikely to fall in your lap; especially if you never bought a ticket.  The only people getting rich here are the SCAMMERS.

Why not do yourself a favour?  Next time you see one of these, instead of clicking; share, like, or (god forbid) filling out a survey or sending any money why not just open a new tab on the browser go to Google and type; ‘do apple give away free ipad’ or ‘lottery win I never entered’; the results speak for themselves.  Don’t be a mug; if it seems too good to be true IT IS, and there is no such thing as a free lunch (or a free iPad).

BTW don’t even get me started on the dog napper that appears to be able to take dogs in 4 different locations in the UK in the SAME vehicle within 20 minutes….

Shall I Google that for you?

Free iPad, not likely; think different….

Free iPad, not likely; think different

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