WordPress setup seems quite easy

Well I can say that setting this up was far less painful than I would have imagined it to be.  Excepting the delay from 123-reg.co.uk to register my domain name nateallen.co.uk I have managed to setup what I would say is a pretty good looking set of pages (and this blog) in a few hours.  I managed to easily transfer my site from my home host natedogg.dyndns.org (now switched off), and I didnt really even need that much support getting to terms with the cpanel that comes with the web hosting.  Mind you setting up the DB was, lets say; interesting (not the way I would have expected), easy though.  There has been very little in the way of coding change to the old site (just enough to make it work), plus I will rebrand it the Dogg web.

I have used WordPress (advised, good choice) and a template for now (fastfood, also a good choice).  I think I will take the advice to change the template to toolbox and play with the creative side.  Mind you on that matter I AM NOT creative so I will likely just steal all of someone elses ideas (why not I hear you all cry).

Honestly I aint famed for reinventing the wheel, but I do like to play…  lets see if I do 😕

The thing that interests me the most about doing this is SEO apparently Word Press is fairly good for this, so I may finally see my dream of searching for nate allen in google and getting a high ranking result; I’m sure Destroy Nate Allen wont mind if I manage to outrank him 😀

4 Replies to “WordPress setup seems quite easy”

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    1. Interesting comment, considering there is currently nothing of any real value regarding SEO on my blog; yet. I think though considering the site was only live for 48 hours before I was ranked 1st in google for ‘Nate Allen UK’ which would be my primary aim I think I must have done something right….

    1. Well today I make p6 for ‘nate allen’ and you make p7 😀 but it changes daily. I will be happy when we are p1 and p2 (whichever way round), but I dont think that will be happening soon… Nice to hear from you 🙂

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